Head Gasket Repair

Head gasket is the seal between engine head and engine block which is largely used in modern inner combustion. It is an important part that keeps water and coolant out and oil in. When the spark plug fires air and gas mixture, the tightness of the ignition chamber creates pressured space that favors the production of power. In other words, it can be said that head gasket is a very important part of an engine system like car engine.

The Significance of the Head Gasket for the Car Engine

It is quite obvious that an engine that is in good condition provides the car with the required amount of power. Therefore, it is very important to take good care of the car engine so that the car is able to run well. The head gasket also has great significance for the car engine. Every car possesses a torque and recommended specifications. Therefore, it is essential to place the head gasket at the correct place so that it can work in the form of a seal. Things would really go very bad if the head gasket does not work in the proper manner. It is also important to keep in mind that the cost of Head Gasket Repair is also quite exorbitant. Therefore, you should always pay proper attention to the working and the maintenance of the head gasket.

Head Gasket RepairSteps to be followed in Checking the Head Gasket

Different parts of a car get damaged with time and therefore it is always wise to carry out a thorough check of the car regularly. The head gasket should be checked in by following these steps. First of all you should carry out a check of the bolt to ensure they are specifically torque. Retighten the bolt if required. Next check the exhaust if required. If you find gray or white exhaust then the engine might be facing certain problems. Engines in modern cars are made of light materials and hence they are unable to bear any sort of cranks and other damages. If you carry out such checks on a regular basis you avoid getting yourself into annoying situations. Inspite of following all these steps, if you find the head gasket yanked off then you have to carry out the head gasket repair immediately. Any delays made in the repair procedure will end up costing you a lot more.

Factors affecting the Cost of Head gasket Repair

What are the factors that affect the head gasket repair costs? Hiring an expert and professional mechanic for the inspection of the head gasket will always cost you more than repairing the head gasket on your own. Taking the car to the car repair shop will require paying more money because the mechanics at the shop will check the condition of your car thoroughly, get hold of major causes of damage and they will even determine the intensity of damage. Additionally, cost of tools, equipment and labor and even a new head gasket in case of replacement will also add to the cost of repairs. Another important reason why repair cost of head gaskets is very expensive is complex mechanism and position of the head gasket. The location of the head gasket is within the car engine. It is located exactly between engine block and cylinder head therefore it is very difficult to reach its position. Mechanics are required to pass through a number of delicate parts of the vehicle like the fuel valve and the pistons and therefore repairing the head gasket requires careful handling. After completing the repair work, mechanics also have to properly fix all the different engine parts and ensure that all the parts are correctly positioned. It is the difficulty included in carrying out the task of Head Gasket Repair that has a direct impact on repair costs.

Money required to be spent for Head Gasket Repair

Many people are well aware of the fact that the cost of repairing a head gasket is quite expensive but they do not have any idea about the exact amount of money required to pay for the process. A good repair of the head gasket will cost around USD 1200 to USD 1400. This is an amount that also includes labor costs and cost of different parts of the engine.